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Design Changes Within the Enterprise

As designers, we spend a lot of time solving problems. We talk to users, navigate systems, define problems, and develop novel perspectives. We are naturally curious and problem recognition becomes second nature. We start to identify ways to help our companies be more effective; however, getting a company to adopt your ideas is a different ball game. Implementing new process to make the company effective is a complex endeavor that can be tricky to navigate.

I would like to talk about my experiences of implementing new processes for companies I have worked for. I have streamlined hiring practices; implemented 360 feedback process; implemented cultural evaluations; re-defined how creative practitioners are evaluated and supported; and worked on cultural initiatives. I have made mistakes, done things right, and have learned a lot through each individual experience.

I want to discuss what I have learned, common strategies for navigating social / political issues, and how to develop accepted ideas that truly can blossom within your organization.


  • A productive perspective on how to approach developing & implementing ideas within your company
  • Strategies for navigating politics and reactions to your ideas
  • A stage based framework that you can use to guide your activities

Management & Careers
Location: Date: March 28, 2019 Time: 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm photo of Kris Davis Kris Davis