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Use Guided Learning to Immerse Your Users and Wow Your Leadership - WritersUA West WritersUA West

Use Guided Learning to Immerse Your Users and Wow Your Leadership

How many times has your leadership showed genuine excitement about documentation? How many times have managers, executives, VPs exclaimed “This is awesome!” as they peruse your user assistance? Maybe it’s not them; maybe it’s your content. It’s clear, concise, correct, highly readable, easily translatable, findable, navigable, but definitely not exciting.

How do you take your online help, your PDFs, your eLearning courses from “meh” to “cool?” How can you transform a user assistance lump of coal into diamond that makes your leadership’s eyes sparkle? You make it interactive, immersing, and engaging by walking your users through steps and not just telling them how to do it.

Guided learning remains a blank slate even though it has been around for years. Vendors spent much of their time marketing to marketing to startups, marketing groups for web apps, and training groups. In many ways they miss where the real value of guided learning lies, with technical communicators who can build engaging, useful, and measurable content.

In this program I’ll cover:

  • An overview of the tools available to create guided learning, including their strengths and weaknesses
  • The best use cases for guided learning. Guided learning isn’t the end of all traditional documentation, but it excels in many uses cases.
  • The worst use cases for guided learning, also known as stock answers to the question “Can guided learning do x?” With your response being “Yes, but…”
  • Elements to consider as you begin planning a guided learning project.

Tools & Technologies
Location: Date: March 29, 2019 Time: 11:00 am - 11:45 am photo of David Wilks David Wilks